Jon MacDonald

Jon MacDonald is Founder and President of The Good, trusted conversion rate optimization experts who turn online browsers into buyers for some of the world’s largest brands.

Jon’s mission is to remove all the bad ecommerce experiences from the web, until only the good remain.

The Good has advised brands like Nike, Xerox, Adobe, The Economist and many more on how to drive sales and ensure proper revenue realization from their e-commerce and lead conversion efforts. They know how to get visitors to convert.

As President of The Good, Jon helped lead the advisory to become one of Oregon’s top 20 fastest growing private companies three years in a row. Jon is also a Forty Under 40 Award Winner, recognizing forty professionals under age 40 who have excelled in their field, shown tremendous leadership and are committed to their community.

Jon started his career as the sole web designer/developer for a start-up advertising agency during the dot-com boom. Throughout his career he has engaged with dozens of brands including Autodesk, Apple, Columbia Sportswear, Comcast, Linksys/Cisco, General Electric, Harley-Davidson, HP, Intel, Microsoft, Nationwide Insurance, Nike, Nokia, Red Bull, UPS, Vodafone and Xerox.

Jon volunteers for several causes throughout the Pacific Northwest and is an active committee member of industry associations and peer groups such as Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO). Jon is based in Portland, Oregon.


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Published Author, Experienced Presenter

Jon writes and speaks frequently on how brands can best serve their consumer, leading to increased online revenues and improved conversion rates.

Specific topics include e-commerce, conversion rate optimization, digital marketing, B2B lead generation, and general entrepreneurship.

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Jon’s Amazon author page contains links to his books, which can be purchased on Amazon.

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Watch Conversion Optimization: Live Landing Page Teardowns – a presentation by Jon at Google:


Stop Marketing, Start Selling

Stop Marketing, Start Selling

Your guide to doubling online leads, customers, and revenue

Released 2015, Printed Words Publishing

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A step by step guide to making websites that convert.

After years of striving to create the perfect model for ecommerce and lead generation websites at The Good, we have captured the philosophy, process, and tactics that have allowed us to deliver double-digit ROI for our clients consistently.

This book outlines a digital process that offers companies flexibility, rapid learning, and constant iteration towards better website performance.

Leverage our battle-tested process to:

  • Build websites that stand the test of time
  • Create content that converts
  • Boost customer engagement
  • Overcome channel conflict
  • Win more loyal customers

The Essential Guide to Open Source Flash Development

The Essential Guide to Open Source Flash Development

A practical development guide to creating Flash applications with open source

Released 2008, Friends of Ed

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The Essential Guide to Open Source Flash Development is a practical development guide to creating Flash applications with open source Flash tools and workflows.

You will walk away with an understanding of what tools will best suit your current situation, making your development easier and more productive, and with the knowledge of how to install and set up some of the best tools available.

Open source Flash has been a revolution for Flash and has made a major impact on how people build Flash content. The open source tools available expand on Flash’s existing tool set, enabling you to perform such tasks as easily create full 3D in Flash or hook up to an open source video-streaming server. Many of these useful tools are powerful yet lack documentation. this book explains in step-by-step detail how to use the most popular open source Flash tools.

If you want to expand your Flash tool set and explore the open source Flash community, then this book is for you. If you already use some open source Flash tools, then you will find this book a useful documentation resource as well as an eye-opener to the other tools that are available.